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How to Access My Past PM Exam Simulator Results


How to access your past quiz/exam results:

  • Option 1: Click on Exam Name listed under My Recent Results
    • My Recent Results only displays your last five results
  • Option 2 Click on  My Statistics, then select the My Details tab.
    • The My Details tab displays all results. Note : Any quiz/exam results with no answer attempts are automatically purged after a few days. 



In the tutorials section of our website:


Under the PM Exam Simulator tab, there is a video on "How to Reopen an Exam Report".




PM Exam Simulator Main Page

Access all your historical results by clicking "My Statistics"

1. Click on My Statistics

2. A new window will open and will show you the My Statistics page. You can then choose "Details". This tab lists the Quizzes & Exams that you have taken.

Then, click on the appropriate entry under "Exam Name" that you would like to review.

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