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How do I Use The PM PrepCast™?



Part 2 of 3: Navigating The PM PrepCast™[00:00]

So as I mentioned earlier, in order to start The Project Management PrepCast™, simply click on the first link in the box that corresponds to the exam that you are preparing for. I’ll be showing you everything in this tutorial here using the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam side, but it works exactly the same for the PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®.


The PM PrepCast™ Video Lessons Page – Tutorial [03:03]

So we get started here with The PM PrepCast™ by clicking on this link, takes us to the Hello page here. Most important button is this one here on the top right, the Start button. This will change to Resume next time you come back here.


Module 00:0 Welcome [03:17]

So let’s click on the Start button, which will take you to the first page of The PM PrepCast™. And again, the most important button is at the top right, the Contents button. Click this to show all the Modules that we have available for The Project Management PrepCast™. Click on the folder here in front to open up and see all the various entries that are within that particular module.Here, I want to focus on two areas first and that is the Module and Lesson Directory and then we’ll also take a look at the Topic Index.


L00.10: Module and Lesson Directory [03:51]

So Module and Lesson Directory. This is a Google Spreadsheet that contains every single module and every single lesson of The PM PrepCast™ for you. My recommendation, click on this link here. Open it up in a new tab so that you can see a lot better here. Since it contains everything from The PM PrepCast™, I usually recommend to the students, print this out so that you have a physical copy of all the lessons that are available to you.


Topic Index [04:23]

Now the next thing we want to look at is the Topic Index. This is also a Google Spreadsheet. This is even larger than the one we just looked at and we are opening this up in a separate window as well. And you can easily tell that there is a lot of information here still working, still loading. This has roughly a thousand lines. And the way you use this is by searching for a topic that interests you.

For example if I’m interested in the Work Breakdown Structure, here we go. I searched for ‘work breakdown structure’ and now I can see that the Work Breakdown Structure is mentioned in all of these lessons here. So if I want to deep-dive into the Work Breakdown Structure, I now know which lessons to turn to.


Lesson 1.00 Introduction and Overview [05:17]

Alright! Let’s go back and let’s get started with the first lesson. The first lesson here is in Module 1. It is Lesson 1.00 Introduction and Overview. You click on the appropriate lesson you want to watch and then simple click away. And now as you can hear, the video, the music starts playing in the background.

Some of these lessons have multiple parts. For example down here. Benefits Realization Management Part 1 and Part 2. So you click on Part 1. You watch the lesson as I’ve just shown you. And then if you want to go to Part 2, you don’t have to open it up. You simply click on Next. And by clicking on Next, Part 2 will be displayed.

Okay! Now what however, if you don’t want to watch it on the screen here, what if you would like to download all these videos to your phone and tablet? Not a problem! Let’s go back to Module 00.1 where we have here “Lesson 00.13 How do I download and watch The PM PrepCast™ on my android phone or tablet?” and just below if you have an iPhone or an iPad, this is where you would go to in order to learn how to subscribe to The Project Management PrepCast™ as a podcast on your phone whether it’s an android or an iPhone.

Alright! And that’s it! That’s what I wanted to show you for The PM PrepCast™.


PM Exam Simulator™ – Tutorial [06:54]

Next, we want to switch over to the Exam Simulator and start an exam over there and a quiz as well. And the fastest way to get there from here is really by clicking on the Home button right here. Now you can see which products you are subscribed to and we want to switch over to The PMP Exam Simulator™.

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