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Part 3 of 3: Using The Simulator [00:00]

Here in the Exam Simulator, I’m first going to show you how to start a full complete exam like you will see on your exam day but also how to start a short quiz. So to start any of these exams here, simply click on the exam number. This opens up a new window. This is the startup window that just gives you basic information about the exam that you have just started. If you realized: “Oh, I didn’t want to start Exam 1. I wanted to start Exam 2,” hit Close Window, takes you back here. The page reloads and then you can open up Exam 2. A few Tips here. You can scroll through these tips and read them and then you can start the exam.

PMP Exam 2 Page – Question [08:05]

And now, all you really have to do is read the question, select the answer, hit Next. Read the question, select your answer, hit Next. Read the question and go: “Ah well! This here doesn’t look all that right. This is actually completely wrong. No, this is completely wrong. I don’t want to see this anymore.” Right click on it. It will strikethrough and then you can go: “Ah, this is also incorrect. No, I don’t want this. This might be correct. This might be correct. Out of these two, I think this one here is the correct one.” You select it and you click on Next. So that was a very nifty feature, strikethrough, right click on any of the answer choices that you have to strike it out. Right click again to remove the strikeout. Alright and in this way you work your way through the exam, through all the 200 questions here in the PMP® Exam.

Once you are done, click on End Exam. In my case, I get a warning because obviously, I haven’t answered all the questions yet and the system wants to make sure that I answer all the questions. That’s okay. We’re ending the exam right here.

Examination Report [09:18]

And now the Exam Report is shown and randomly selected these questions and got these answers and got one of them correct. Scroll all the way to the bottom to close the window. This will now take me back to the previous page and you can now see that down here, this is the exam that I started. This is one of my recent results, the PMP® Exam too. That’s the one that I have just taken.

But what do you do if you don’t have two, three or four hours available? What if you’re just doing this over lunch at your workstation at work and you want to answer ten questions? Not a problem. Here at the bottom, we have the timed and learning quizzes. Let’s start that up.

The Timed/Learning Quiz Engine [10:08]

As you can see, the startup page looks slightly different because now you can make selections. You can say: Do I want a timer? That’s timed. Or do I not want the timer, that’s the Learning Quiz right here. How many questions do I want? Oh I want 30 questions. Do I want random questions or do I only want those from Quality Management? And which questions do I want? Do I want any questions only those that I haven’t answered or maybe only those that I answered incorrectly previously?

And once you are satisfied, click “Start” and now the system will gather these questions based on your selection criteria. Shows you the screen and once again, read the question, select your answer, move on. Read the question, select your answer, move on. Read the question and think: “You know what, B or C might be right. I think C is more correct, but I’m not a 100% sure. I’d like to come back later on here and take a second look.” That’s what the Mark button is for. So I hit the Mark button here. Now I know. Okay, there’s something with this question that I marked for myself and I’m moving on. And later on, I will come back to that question and I will be able to see again: “Oh yeah, the Mark button is there. Oh yes, B or C, which one was it?” And I can do it appropriately. If you want to know exactly how all these buttons here work, remember by going here under the Help button, you can find all the tutorials that we have available.

End Exam [11:51]

Okay, End Exam again, the system will tell me: “Hey you haven’t answered all questions yet.” Perfectly okay for this tutorial here. How many did I get right? Again, I had one correct out of three. That’s actually not a bad rate for just randomly marking the questions here. Alright, and that’s it!

Closing [12:10]

In closing, I would like to remind you once again even though I just said it: Don’t forget, in order to get to the tutorials, click here on the Help button and you will be able to check out all the Exam Simulator tutorials that we have for the various features that are available to you.

Thank you again for being a customer!

Until next time.

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