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Can a friend buy The Agile PrepCast for me?



To purchase The Agile PrepCast you need an accepted credit card or a PayPal account. Unfortunately, there are a number of countries from where credit cards are not accepted and where PayPal does not offer their services. If you live in one of these countries you can purchase the PrepCast via a friend:

  • Ask a friend who lives in another country, if he can buy the PrepCast for you.
  • Your friend now buys the PrepCast in his name.
  • He MUST use your email address in the purchase.
  • You will receive the confirmation and download instructions but the account name is registered to your friend.
  • Send an email to support@agileprepcast.com and request that the name on the account be changed from him to you.
  • We will change it and send the instructions to you.

Now you can start downloading and listening.

Also important to know: When you log in to get your 35 Contact Hour certificate the system will ask you for your name again, so that your name and not your friend's name is shown on the certificate.

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