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How do I add The Agile PrepCast to iTunes?


This video explains how to add The Agile PrepCast to iTunes:

To find the URL that is mentioned in the video please go to your email inbox and look for the "Thanks for your order" email.

iTunes is just a "means to an end"

The best and recommended way to download The Agile PrepCast is by installing and using iTunes. From our perspective, iTunes is only the means to download all the lessons easily and with "one click". You don't have to use iTunes for playing the lessons and you also don't have to have an iPhone. iTunes is just the "best" software you can use for downloading the lessons. Once they are downloaded you can manually access the lessons

  • Follow the steps in the video for iTunes to download all lessons to your computer
  • Locate the iTunes media folder to which they were downloaded: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1391
  • Manually copy the downloaded videos to your preferred player


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