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I took my Final Exam in the 4th edition PrepCast. How can I get a copy of my contact hours certificate?


If you are an "old" customer and you passed your final exam in the 4th edition PrepCast on our website then we will manually create a certificate for you. Please write to support@pm-prepcast.com and tell us the following:

  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • The email address you used
  • We send an email to everyone who takes the final exam with their result. If you still have that email, then please forward it to us as well.

If your name/email is listed as one of the customers who passed their final exam, then we will create a manual certificate for you. If you are not listed, then we will create an account for you on our new exam website and you will have to take the Final Exam again. Please understand that we cannot create a manual certificate for you if you are not listed.  This is because in order to comply PMI quality criteria we must have a record that shows that you passed the exam.

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