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How do I download The Agile PrepCast on my Samsung Galaxy Tab/S2?


Here's how to download The Agile PrepCast on your Samsung Galaxy Tab/S2 :

  1. Download any available Podcast player for android. Sample is the"DoggCatcher Podcast player" which is available in Free and Paid version.
  2. Open the suitable podcast player.
  3. Go to "My feeds" and enter the URL provided by the PrepCast team.
  4. Click on OK/Subscribe.
  5. The lesson list is shown. Click on each one to start the download or select them all and move to Download Queue.
  6. Downloads faster on Wi-Fi connection.

Note: FYI, we no longer recommend the use of Google Reader to view our podcast because of some security issue. Here is the complete information:

Account Security, Account Monitoring & Google Reader

To ensure that your purchase of The Agile PrepCast is secure, we monitor account activity. Our system de-activates accounts where excessive downloads are occurring because this might be a sign that your purchase has been compromised and others are downloading your purchase without your knowledge.

There is in particular one action that you as a customer must take to protect your purchase: Please do not use Google Reader to access your purchase. Google Reader has recently made a system change: Any item that you add to Google Reader is also indexed by the Google search engine, which basically means: If you watch your copy of The Agile PrepCast in Google Reader then anyone on the internet can find your personal subscription in Google and watch it for free. If this happens then our system will detect it, your account will be temporarily suspended and we will send you an email with more information about the situation. Instead of using Google Reader please access The Agile PrepCast via our Customer Gateway where you can watch the lessons in your browser.

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