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The Agile PrepCast episodes are not in the right order in iTunes / on my iPod/iPhone. How can I sort them?


After you download the episodes with iTunes and then synchronize them to your iPod/iPhone, you will notice that they are either ordered backwards from Z-A or that they are randomly ordered.

This is quite normal for iTunes/iPod/iPhone and there is unfortunately nothing that we can do... we consider this to be a "feature"...  

Here is a partial solution for this problem:

  • Start iTunes
  • Select File > New Smart Playlist...
  • In the popup window change the dropdowns to read:
       -The Agile PrepCast
  • Click OK
  • You have now created a Smart Playlist and you can sort the episodes in any way that you would like.
  • The next time that you connect your iPod / iPhone to the computer this playlist will be copied over and you can play the episodes this way.

However, iTunes playlists will NOT play the video. They only play audio. Apple calls this a "battery saving feature" for your iPod and iPhone. Creating a playlist can be helpful if you are just interested in listening to the audio (for when you are driving a car) and you don't want to watch the video. If you want to watch the video as well, then there is unfortunately no way to change the order.

Note: Some new versions of iPod / iPhone / iPad will show the video even in a playlist.

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