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Top 5 Questions Regarding the Simulator


Are the 1800 questions different from one another and not repeated in each exams?

 - Yes, They are randomly distributed among the 9 Exams.


Does each of the 1800 questions have explanation in the site?

 -Yes. There are 3 different modes on how you can answer questions:

      1. Real Exam Mode - This mode simulates the real PMP exam experience

      2.Timed Mode - This mode offers hints & answers but you only have limited time for your answers

      3.Learning Mode - This mode offers hints & answers without any time limitations

The simulator uses the same 1,800 questions in all 3 modes. They are just different ways of answering the same set of questions. Learn more.


Are the questions in the simulator came from actual PMP Exams in the past?

 - Yes, these are highly realistic PMP sample questions

Does getting a passing score in the Simulator guarantee of passing the PMP exam?

- No. Using the PM Simulator with or without additional study is no guarantee you will pass the exam.

Is it recommended to use the simulator if you are already using the PrepCast and a work book in preparation for the PMP Exam?

- We always recommend additional study materials. Everybody learns differently and these would help for you to know yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses and how you should tailor your studies to your particular needs.

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