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What is the passing score of The PM Exam Simulator?


Let's begin by looking at how PMI scores the "real" PMP exam. In short: we don't know. 

All we know is that according to the PMP Handbook "The passing score for all PMI exams is determined by sound psychometric analysis. PMI uses subject matter experts from across the globe to help establish a point at which each candidate should pass the exam and the exam point of difficulty. Data that show how candidates actually performed are cross referenced with the subject matter experts to ensure that the point of difficulty on each exam is healthy."

As you can see, this is a rather complex process that is impossible to simulate unless you know all the scoring details. It was therefore decided that the passing score of The PM Exam Simulator will be determined by a simple percentage as follows:

Ratings on the Exam Reports:

  • Above Target:  85% and above
  • Target: 70% to 84%
  • Below Target: 60% to 69%
  • Needs Improvement: 59% and below

Passing Score for Quizzes:

  • Pass = 80% and above
  • Fail = less than 80%

Anecdotally we are being told by our students that the questions in The PM Exam Simulator are very close to what you will find on the PMP Exam but that they are more difficult. This meets with the vision and mission of the simulator which was to provide a tool that simulates the real exam as closely as possible by going above and beyond what is needed on the exam.

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