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How to "Whitelist" emails from OSP International LLC


Here is how you can ensure that you receive all emails from our products and mailing lists:

Gmail Users:

  • Click the "Settings" link in Gmail
  • Go to "Filters"
  • Click "Create a new filter"
  • Copy the following into the "From" field

  • Click "Next Step"
  • Make sure "Never send it to Spam" is checked
  • Click Create Filter

Yahoo & Hotmail Users

To ensure that you receive our emails you should add the support email address to your address book. For instance, if you buy the PrepCast put the first 2 in your address book:

  • support@pm-precast.com
  • support@pm-prepcast.com
  • support@pm-podcast.com
  • support@pducast.com
  • support@pmformulas.com
  • support@pm-formulas.com
  • support@pmflashcards.com
  • support@pm-flashcards.com
  • support@pmstudycoach.com
  • support@pm-exam-simulator.com
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