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Where do I find the "confirmation code" for a particular PDU Podcast webinar?


You need the PDU Podcast Confirmation Code in order to print your PDU Certificate. Each code is delivered to you as a PDF document together with the webinar videos. Here is how to find it:

In your Podcast App

  • Launch the podcast app on your phone or tablet where you subscribed to The PDU Podcast
  • Navigate to The PDU Podcast
  • Find the webinar for which you need the confirmation code.
  • Within that webinar look for an episode that has a title like this: "PDU Certificate Confirmation Code for <your name>"
  • Open this episode. It's a PDF document that contains the code

Via the Customer Gateway

  • Go to the Customer Gateway at http://nanacast.com/mp/143776
  • Log in using your username and password. They were sent to you in the original "Thank you for your purchase" email.
  • Find and click on the link labeled "Click here to access your PDU Podcast webinars..."
  • Scroll down until you see the module of the confirmation code you are looking for and click on the last item of that module (number x.99)
  • The confirmation code PDF now displays on your screen. (If it doesn't just click on the link that reads "Don't see the file above? Right-click here and select "Save as..." to download this PDF document to your computer...")

Now you have your confirmation code and you can go ahead and print your certificate.

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