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Can I download more than one webinar of The PDU Podcast every month?


That depends on whether you decide to subscribe or order The PDU Podcast

When you subscribe, then you will receive a new webinar every month for up to 36 months. Every month a new webinar will appear that you can download.

When you order, then you will be able to download up to 14 webinars at once. Immediately.

Please visit https://www.pducast.com/order to see the available subscription and order options.

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  • Avatar
    Peggy Ah Yong

    Would love to have this option as I needed to get all my PDUs within a year - please advise if this is still in the plan for early 2012 and if so, when approximately?  Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Karen Z

    I am also interested in a "buy now - download now" option.  Can you give an update as to when this might be available?  Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Ismail Abu Shemala

    Same as above, not enough time to wait for 30 months to get 30 PDU.

    not it is not worth it :) But other resources offer the same in days rather than 2 and a half years    

  • Avatar
    Stephen Day

    any update when this will be made available?


    I gotta make-up quite a few PDUs to maintain my certification!