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I don't have an iPod/iPhone or other portable player. Can I watch The PDU Podcast on my computer?



You can enjoy The PDU Podcast™ even if you don't own an iPod or another portable media player. You will need to first download the webinars to your computer and then you can watch them.

1. Downloading the PDU Podcast Webinars

To download the webinars you need to first install iTunes. It's free. Yes, even if you don't use an iPod, iTunes is needed to download our episodes.

2. Watching the Webinars

Once you downloaded the webinars you can watch in several ways:

  • Double click on the webinar in iTunes and it will start playing.
  • Locate the episode files on your computer and watch them on your favorite player.

How to locate the episode files:

  • On Windows 7 and 8  they are here: \Users\\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Podcasts\The PDU Podcast
  • IOS they are here: My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Podcasts\The PDU Podcast

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