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How is The PM Podcast produced?


Note: This FAQ entry pertains only to The PM Podcast, which is our podcast about general project management. This does not pertain to The PM PrepCast, which is our PMP exam preparation video workshop.


The Project Management Podcast™  is produced at near professional quality using the following equipment:

  • Microphone: AKG 271 and AKG 171 headsets
  • Recording device: Zoom H4n Recorder
  • Podcast hosting: Libsyn
  • The RSS feed is created by Joomla and them piped through Feedburner.

The interviews are usually first recorded using Skype. The intro and exit remarks from Cornelius are first recorded on the Zoom H4n recorder. (Older shows were recorded on the IBM Thinkpad using Audacity 1.3.) The sound files are then transferred onto the Gateway tower computer, where the post production (deleting any mistakes, adding sound-effects etc.) takes place. The audio file is saved as an MP3 file and uploaded for hosting & download to Libsyn. The RSS feed is generated automatically as soon as the show notes are added to the website.

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