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How do I listen to The PM Podcast on my computer?


Note: This FAQ entry pertains only to The PM Podcast, which is our podcast about general project management. This does not pertain to The PM PrepCast, which is our PMP exam preparation video workshop.

There are dozens of ways in which you can listen to The PM Podcast because it is delivered to you via an RSS feed:

  • Click on the "Play Now" button on our website
  • Use iTunes and download The PM Podcast to your computer. Now you can play the files in iTunes or in your favorite audio-player.
  • After you have downloaded the MP3 files you can burn them to a CD and play them that way as well.
  • You can add The PM Podcast RSS feed to your favorite RSS reader and play them from inside that reader. (However, some RSS readers will make your account visible to the public, so other people can steal your subscription. that is why we monitor the accounts of our paying, Premium subscribers and as soon as > 10 computers per day access your premium subscription we will pause your account in order to protect you and your purchase. This does not happen if you use a free account.)
  • And many more...
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