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The PM FlashCard ZIP File is Corrupt - I Cannnot Unzip it


Try this first:

If you have purchased the PMP Exam eFlashCards and you receive an error message similar to "File corrupt - unable to unzip" then this is because the file did not download correctly to your computer. Please install The Free Download Manager at www.freedownloadmanager.org - This is an excellent tool that will download the file correctly almost 100% of the time.

If that doesn't work:

The ZIP files of the PMP Exam eFlashCards are very large. If you have a slower internet connection or a firewall then the download will stop or interrupt. That is what "breaks" the ZIP files and then they are corrupt. The files are correct on our servers and they are downloaded and un-zipped successfully every day by many of our customers.

If you receive the message that the file is corrupt and cannot be unzipped the this means that the download of the file from our server to your hard-disk was not successful. This happens:

  • If you have a slow internet connection (dial-up)
  • If your internet connection is lost / disconnected often (you don't notice this when you just surf the internet but it becomes a problem when you download large files)
  • If you have a firewall in place that prohibits you to download ZIP files.

Possible solution

  1. Use the Free Download Manager at www.freedownloadmanager.org - This is an excellent tool that will download it 100% of the time, unless your firewall prohibits it.
  2. Download the file again manually and try opening it again
  3. Download the file from a different computer (try at work / at home / at a friend's home) where you don't have a firewall or a faster connection.
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    Mohsin Khan

    ** www.freedownloadmanager.org**   THIS LINK IS NOT WORKING. PLUS I CANNOT DOWNLOAD YOUR EFLASH CARDS. I had no problem with the FREE CARDS you emailed to me. Can you please emails the cards in the same format. My email address is [removed]. Please send me the flash cards and ITTO games ASAP. I have made the payment.



  • Avatar
    Preeti Udeshi

    I would also appreciate if you could email me flash cards at [removed]. Thank you.