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How do I use The PM StudyCoach and The PM PrepCast in parallel?


First of all: You do not have to use The PM StudyCoach and The PM PrepCast in combination as you prepare for your PMP exam. These two products work  hand in hand but they can each be used separately as you prepare:

  • The PM StudyCoach is an elaborate study approach and schedule that tells you what you have to study week after week. It gives you study assignments.
  • The PM PrepCast is a complete, 40-hour long video course that teaches you the the concepts and knowledge that you need to learn. It gives you the material that you have to study.

If you use these two products in combination then The PM StudyCoach tells you what you need to study, and The PM PrepCast is what you actually study.

This means that you will use them both at the same time. You use the StudyCoach as your "director" of your studies. The StudyCoach will tell you: "This week, please read chapter X in the PMBOK Guide, watch videos X of the PM PrepCast and read chapters X in your separate book".

So even though you can use these two products separately, when you use them together, the Take Action Worksheet is the link between them:

  • Every week The PM StudyCoach will give you a new Take Action Worksheet.
  • These worksheets represent your weekly study assignments or "homework".
  • One of these assignments will be "Read Chapter X of The PMBOK Guide".
  • The videos of the PM PrepCast pretty much follow the PMBOK Guide numbers: 4.xx is integration, 5.xx is Scope, 6.xx is Time, etc.
  • In this way you can watch the PrepCast videos with the same number as the PMBOK Guide chapter you are reading.

However, The PM PrepCast  also goes beyond the content of The PMBOK Guide and there are episode videos and episode MP3 interviews that don't correspond to to any PMBOK chapters:

  • We added additional episodes into chapters E01.xx, E02.xx and E03.xx that go beyond the PMBOK Guide.
    >> Our recommendation: watch / listen to these episodes as you are studying chapters 1-3 of The PMBOK Guide.
  • We also added additional episodes in the following areas: E70.xx Exam Content, E80.xx Applied Concepts, and E9x.xx Tips and Tricks.
    >>Our recommendation: watch / listen to these episodes once you have reached week 5 of your studies.
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