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How can I "Fast Forward" the PM StudyCoach?


The PM StudyCoach is intended as a 10-week long self-study course in which you receive weekly coaching sessions, study assignments and other materials to help you prepare on your own. Usually a student begins with week 1 and then follows the course over 10 weeks.

If you would like to go faster, then we can manually "fast forward" the course for you. For instance if you want to fast forward the course by 3 weeks, we would set that up manually and then you get immediate access to all materials of the 3 weeks that you "skipped". (You still need to study those materials though...)

Please submit a ticket to our support team and request that they "fast forward" your PM StudyCoach. Please include the following information in the ticket:

  • Your complete name as as you see it in The PM StudyCoach
  • Your email address as as you see it in The PM StudyCoach
  • The number of weeks that you would like to "fast forward". Alternatively you can ask us to "fast forward to the end of the course", which means you'll get access to all sessions right away.

Because this is a manual change to your account it can take up to 2 business days for us to implement this. Our support is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

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