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Why can I no longer download the "old" PrepCast, Formulas, StudyCoach or FlashCards?


The details are explained in our Terms and Conditions. Here is the "short version":

Purchase of The PM PrepCast, The PM Formulas, PM StudyCoach, or The PM FlashCards does not grant you a perpetual ("continuous" or "indefinite") license to the products. You are buying a license to access the current version of the product, which you may use to prepare for the current exam.

The PM PrepCast, The PM Formulas, The PM StudyCoach, and The PM FlashCards became immediately outdated and obsolete when PMI implemented an exam update in July of 2013. Since we are a PMI Registered Education Provider, at the time of such an exam update we were required to remove outdated training materials from our servers. Therefore all access to these "old" products has stopped.

For more details, please click here to watch a short video where we explain this in depth...

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