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How do I change my name on The PM PrepCast™ Final Exam certificate?


To ensure the integrity of our certificate, students are not permitted to change the name on the document after passing the Final Exam. However, we will be happy to change it for you. Please contact support@pm-prepcast.com and we will change it for you. This usually takes 2-3 business days to complete (Mon-Fri). Please specify the following: 

  • Email address used to purchase the product.
  • Old name in the certificate
  • New name that you want to appear in the certificate.


Good News: You Can Submit Your Application Even if the Name is Wrong!

The Project Management Institute (PMI)® does not require you to attach the certificate to your exam application. You are only asked to provide information about how, where and when you have received the training, but you do not have to include a copy of the actual certificate. Therefore, you can submit your application even if the name on the certificate is not correct. PMI will only require you to send them a copy of your application is selected for audit. And by the time that happens our support team will already have assisted you to download a certificate with the correct name.

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