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How can I subscribe to The PM PrepCast using an Android based phone?



Unfortunately there is no official podcast software that is included with the Android operating system. Therefore every system works differently. In most cases you will have to perform a manual copy action.

Here are several "generic" options for you to use The PM PrepCast on your Android powered phone:

Using a Podcast Player (Paid / commercial)

If you have a podcast player installed on your Android, then you can subscribe to The PM PrepCast in this player simply by adding your "personal podcast URL" (sent to you via email) in this player. (The player has to be capable of playing videos). Here are the steps:

  • Ensure that you have an unlimited data plan for your device!
  • Install BeyondPod or MyPOD on your Android device (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_podcatchers#Android). Please note that this is not free software. You will have to pay to use them.
  • Find your “personal podcast URL” in the “Thanks for your Order” email and add it as your Podcast URL to the software
  • The videos will now be downloaded directly to your Android device

Using BeyondPod (Free)

Go to the Google Play store and install the Free BeyondPod podcast player. After installation click on "Add Feed" (bottom right of main screen) and then copy/paste your personal podcast URL into the feed URL box.

To play the video lessons, do the following>

  • Ensure that you have an unlimited data plan for your device!
  • Start BeyondPod and go to The PM PrepCast
  • Tap & HOLD the episode that you want to play
  • After about a second you will see a menu pop up
  • From this menu select "Play in external player"
  • Next you may see a warning show up : say OK & check the box for "remember"
  • Then you may have to select which external player to use : select "Video Player" and "Always"
  • Now the video will play in the external player

Manual Synchronization

  1. Download all PM PrepCast episodes to your computer using iTunes or a podcatcher software of your choice
  2. Locate the folder on your computer to which the files were downloaded
  3. Connect your Android based phone to your computer
  4. Drag & drop the folder from your computer to the "My Documents" folder on your phone (requires approximately 2GB of free space)
  5. Disconnect the phone
  6. Start the "Gallery" on your phone
  7. After a short while, the directory that you copied to your phone will appear (the videos are sorted by date, which cannot be changed)
  8. Tap it to start playing the videos

With Other Podcast Players

Please ensure that you have an unlimited data plan before installing a podcast player on your phone.

The following article lists 10 podcast applications for your Android phone: http://android.appstorm.net/roundups/lifestyle-roundups/great-podcasting-apps-to-replace-google-listen/

Note: We have not tested these. We only provide this link if you are looking for a alternative podcast player. Not all of them may be video capable.

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    I ended up downloading each episode one by one to my Dropbox folder (under a PM Prepcast subfolder, of course.) Once everything was uploaded, I was able to view the episodes on my Android phone and Android tablet. You may want to remove the upload limit if you're going to use Dropbox though...~3GB can take awhile to upload. 


    (This is all for my personal use, BTW. I would not violate the PMI Code of Ethics.)

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    Cornelius Fichtner, PMP

    Yes... uploading The PM PrepCast to your Dropbox for personal use and then connecting dropbox to your Android works. But as you have said, it takes a long time and uses up a lot of bandwidth. But it sort of seems like one step too many. The easier way might have been to simply connect your Android to your PC and then drag/drop the video lessons straight over. That only takes a few minutes.

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    Actually, the might have been quicker, but I would have still needed to download each episode/PDF individually which was the longest part. I didn't mind that the upload to Dropbox took as long as it took, as I was just watching each episode on my media player on my laptop while the upload was taking place. Also, I have a tablet and a phone, both Dropbox enabled. The phone will get used to connect to my car for the MP3s. The tablet is great enough for the videos.

    Thank you so much for your response, Mr. Fichtner!  I had already earned my 35 hours with another video product that I had for free through my university. (The same company that allows PMI members to read their project management books for free......) Their video product is atrocious...yet I sat through a painful three weeks JUST so that I could get 19 certificates totalling 35 contact hours.) So far, your videos are so much better than that company's. However, I'm reserving full judgement until after October 27 (D-Day!) I'm just waiting for Amazon to give me my Rita M. and Andy Crowe materials in the meantime, but I will finish all of your materials by the end of the month!