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Can I access The PM PrepCast from more than one PC or from more than one location?



When you purchase The PM PrepCast, you buy a single-user license. This means that as long as only you access and watch the video lessons, then it doesn't matter how many devices (regular computer, laptop, IOS, and Android devices, etc.) you install the product, or how many locations (home, office, etc.) you watch it.

So go ahead and enjoy it anywhere and anytime.

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    This is great news! I have a long commute and would like to listen on my iPhone and well as watch the video on my PC. Thanks!

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    I have a second question. Can I download or install to listen in a Kindle HD?

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    Cornelius Fichtner, PMP

    Dicla: I must admit that I do not know if that is possible. I briefly searched for "watch podcast video on Kindle HD" in Google, but couldn't find any definitive answer. If Kindle HD has a Podcast style application or a "newsreader" that can handle RSS feeds with attachments, then it should be no problem. But we do not officially support it.

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    Jamie Atkinson

    Help! I signed up over the summer, but then was immediately assigned a massive project at work and had to pause my studying. Since then, I was given a new laptop, but it does not appear I was able to back up all the lessons I've downloaded. I'm finally able to resume studying, but can't figure out how to get my lessons now. Where can I find a place to download the lessons again?

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    Rochelle Martinez

    Jamie: Please write to support@pm-prepcast.com so that an agent can look into your account and address your concern.