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Some Episodes are missing or not downloading at all


If you have accidentally deleted episodes in iTunes or if they did not download properly, then there is a simple trick that will allow you to bring these episodes back. Please note that you need iTunes Version 9.0 or greater for this to work.

This video is the tutorial for The PDU Podcast, but it's exactly the same for The PM PrepCast:

You Can also "Start Fresh"

This means that you will be removing the PrepCast from your iTunes and then add it again. Here is how:

  • Open iTunes
  • Right click on the PrepCast
  • Delete it and select "move files to recycle bin"
  • Close iTunes
  • Open iTunes
  • Select "Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast"
  • Find the welcome message that you received after you purchased the PrepCast. Copy your personal URL from that message into the popup window.
  • Click OK and the PrepCast is now added to your iTunes again.
  • Click the GET ALL button.
  • Now click on the downloads page and disallow simultaneous downloads. See here how that is done .
  • The episodes will now download one by one.

Please note that this will work only as long as your PrepCast account is still active.

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