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When will I receive download instructions for The PM PrepCast?


Immediately after you purchase the PrepCast our system assigns a "personal feed URL" to you. This URL and instructions are sent to you via email. Please check the inbox of the email address that you entered during your credit card payment.

This email is sent to you from "OSP International LLC" and the subject line is "<Name>, Your Receipt / Access Info".

If you are using a @yahoo.com or a @hotmail.com email, then please check your spam folder (junk mail folder) as well. Unfortunately, Yahoo and Hotmail often think that our first email to you is spam.

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    Mounir SADAK

    i have not received my download instructions yet. Please resend the instructions to my e-mail address to get started. I accidently deleted my junk mail before I checked it. Thank you in advance.

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    Gautam Aitch

    I too have not yet received my download instructions. Neither for the PrepCasts, nor for the Formulae. All other emails from PmPrepCast has so far reached directly in my yahoo inbox, and these download instructions are not in my Spam folder either. Prompt help will be appreciated. Thaks.

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    Gautam Aitch

    Ok, found instructions in your helpful faqs to login directly to OSP's nanacast site and can now see the course links. Thanks.