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When and How will I receive the PM PrepCast Bonus Items?


1.) 35 Contact Hour Certificate
To receive your certificate for 35 Contact Hours you will have to take The Final Exam. The earliest you can take this exam is 2 weeks after your purchase. Please check Module 90 to learn about it.

2.) Self-Assessment Questions
The self-assessment questions are included with the main modules of The PM PrepCast. Please note that the self-assessment for Modules 1 to 3 are included in Module 4.

3.) Learn From The Experts - Email Course
Please check the inbox for an email sent by "The PM PrepCast" with the subject "<Name>, Confirm your subscription". Please click on the link in this email to receive the daily emails of this course.

4.) Exam Study Checklist
This checklist is attached to the first email of our "Experts" email course.

5.) Discussion Forum Access
The username & password you received to watch the PrepCast lessons online also give you access to the discussion forums. You'll see the link each time you log in.

6.) The PM Exam Tips Newsletter
You are automatically subscribed to this newsletter and will receive weekly exam tips. You can unsubscribe any time.



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    How can I get the 10 step email course again?

  • Avatar
    Cornelius Fichtner, PMP


    I have reset the 10-steps email course and you will once again receive a daily email with the steps.

    Until Next Time,

    Cornelius Fichtner, PMP

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    Mukesh Kumar Singh

    Dear Help Desk Team,

    I have a question about Bonus Item #2: 300 PMP® Exam sample questions for self assessment

    -> Am I suppose to get a separate pdf mail or its going to be considered as various LXX.YY Self-Assessment for Person XYZ.




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    Rochelle Martinez

    It is explained above. You will receive a PDF document for the major modules of the course. For example, the self-assessment question for Module 04 can be found as lesson L04.99.